Etiquette – What is it?

Etiquette is a set of rules and habits commonly accepted in a culture or society. Within the UK Holiday Accommodation industry, most Owners and Guests abide by these rules and practices. These etiquette habits, rules and practices reduce problems and frustrations

By demonstrating etiquette, as Owners we are clear about the terms of stay, flexibility, and what forms part of house rules. We provide clear information throughout the booking process, from enquiry to booking, from arrival to departure.

For many Guests, it is their first time to stay in the UK or indeed meet “Owners” of a Holiday Accommodation rental. Most Guests are accustomed to a corporate Hotel or global travel where often all amenities and activities are provided for without any direct contact or relationship. With the exponential increase in staycation globally as well in the UK, many Guests and Hosts demonstrate and follow etiquette.

We set aside personal time to “meet and greet” you at arrival. To ensure you are given a welcome and to settle in, be provided the essential information such as WIFI, property access, refuse & recycling and central heating. Often, we answer those “last minute questions” that were thought of on the journey. All Guests prefer the assurance in meeting the Owners, and receive a better experience in settling in, rather than arriving at a closed property and be left with instructions after a long journey. Unlike a hotel that offers a 24 x 7 concierge service, which is part of your hotel bill; Owners set aside their personal time demonstrating etiquette, care, and professionalism.

  • We encourage you to read our information, available on our website and sent to you. We include an “Access Statement” so that you have a detailed view of the property. We have “Terms of Stay”, which are commonly reflected across Holiday let properties in the UK, Finally a comprehensive “Handbook” that contains all the supporting information needed including urgent contact numbers, instruction manuals for appliances and our safety checks including Gas Safety certificates.
  • We encourage you to stay in contact, and to ask questions. This is essential part of our etiquette. This ensures that you get the best out of your stay by being prepared. We offer an effective messaging strategy for help or support.
  • We are responsible, fair and caring Owners. We work hard to ensure that each stay is carefully planned. We invest in your stay to ensure that it is both positive and memorable. Within reason we are flexible however not all requests can be accommodated, and we will be willing to support or decline requests.
  • We believe in providing a restful and relaxing atmosphere, whilst privacy is part of our etiquette. Naturally gardens do need to be maintained and emergency- routine-seasonal-planned maintenance work must be completed by the Owners or Trades Professionals.
  • We believe in providing a clean and safe property to stay in, following recommended guidelines and regular inspections and reviews required.
  • Our property is specifically a “non-pet” property, we provide a property for Guests who have pet hair allergies and provide hypoallergenic bedding.
  • Our property carries a non-smoking policy, where we do not allow smoking at the premises.
  • We believe that first impressions count on welcoming you to a property that has the care and attention invested. We want your stay to go smoothly and enjoyably and will work hard at ensuring your stay is positive.

Etiquette for Guests

  • It’s a good idea to be courteous and interacting with us as Owners, it improves your stay and ensures that you plan your week ahead. We are mindful that many Guests have had a long journey and we ensure that meeting and greeting is done warmly and efficiently. Settling you in ensures that you can relax without figuring out how an unfamiliar property works, and of course avoids frustrations or damages.
  • Plan ahead, the best experiences are when Guests plan their holidays and days out exploring in advance. If you haven’t visited the area before, make sure you are familiar with the journey, duration and where the property is located, it’s certainly not a good idea for us to meet and greet you in the middle of an “in car” argument. Try not to start your stay on an awkward note.
  • Be punctual at arrival, we as Owners have set aside personal time to “meet and greet” you, if you are running late technology for journeys do provide estimated arrival times – Call us.
  • Owners are human and are not a corporate entity, we have commitments to family and work, it is discourteous not to contact us, show up late or risk not getting into the property. Try not to start your stay on an embarrassing and awkward note.
  • We won’t tolerate rude, abusive, or threatening behaviour. We will ask you to leave immediately.
  • Good communication is a “two way “street. Ensure that you read what we provide and stay in contact. Respond to our communications, call us if you have questions. A phone call is always a nice “ice breaker”.
  • Show good manners, be honest and up front with us, don’t try and slip things past us hoping we won’t notice. Breaking terms of stay will only end a stay on a sour note.
  • Make sure you are aware of the terms of stay, all holiday properties will have their own house rules. It is not a good idea to bring a pet knowing that you are staying at a “non pet property”.
  • Treat the property and Owners with respect, it is etiquette after all. Follow the terms of stay. The property is in a quiet residential street, consider the other residents and those who are staying after you.
  • Should you break or damage an item during your stay, it is good etiquette to inform us Owners straight away so that we remediate the breakage/damage before the next Guest arrives.
  • Whilst we as Owners do not charge a cleaning fee, at the end of your stay it is expected that you will return the property cleaned and tidy. We provide a generous quantity of cleaning items that supports your stay from dishwasher tablets to viricidal sprays/wipes for high touch areas.  Returning the property unclean risks forfeiting the House Keeping Deposit.
  • Good Guest etiquette comprises of a common sense and courteous approach, whilst the examples are not an exhaustive list and nor should it be. If you use Self-Tanning lotions consider bringing your own bed linen and towels as lotions do stain bedding and towels. Oil Stains to the driveway/parking area are avoided by using the “drip tray”, major appliances are cleaned after the famous family “hog roast”, refuse recycling followed, lights and appliances switched off on days out.
  • If in doubt, ask during the booking process as you may incur additional charges or risk forfeiting the House Keeping Security Deposit.
  • Lastly, avoid booking any holiday property without ensuring the property is suitable for your needs, and is your “first choice”. Make sure you have looked at the descriptions and images and discussed the property with the Owners during the enquiry and booking process.